Emirates Centre for Human Rights Publications

External Statement by Emirati intellectuals calling for democracy in the UAE.

Testimony relating to torture

English Translation of handwritten letters by Egyptians alleging torture in the UAE

Handwritten letter alleging torture by Egyptians prisoners in the UAE (1/3)

Handwritten letter by Egyptian prisoners alleging torture (2/3)

Handwritten letter by Egyptian prisoners alleging torture (3/3)

Mohamed al-Zumer’s mother provides a statement describing the torture her son says he has suffered in prison.

Anas Fouda, an Egyptian journalist, describes the mistreatment and conditions he suffered in a secret prison.

UAE 94: Court Verdict

Interrogations of Mohamed al-Mansoori & Mohamed al-Roken

Confession of Ahmed al-Suweidi

UAE 94 Documentary: Highlighting the Plight of Families & Detainees

Political Bodies Call into Question UAE Rights Record

Human Rights Spokesperson from the German Bundestag expresses strong concern about the state of human rights and rule of law in the UAE.

British Foreign Office reiterates concerns about UAE 94 trial and allegations of torture.

Human Rights Spokesperson from German Parliament calls for ‘unconditional release’ of 69 convicted in UAE 94 trial.

British Foreign Office urge UAE authorities to investigate allegations of mistreatment ‘promptly, thoroughly and impartially’.

European Union ‘regrets’ that calls for international observation were not heeded in the UAE 94 trial & ‘continues to emphasise’ need to adequately investigate allegations of mistreatment.

Full Report: UAE 94 Trial Observations

Detailed observation report on the trial of 94 political dissidents in Abu Dhabi, written by the a legal observation team instructed by the Emirates Centre for Human Rights.

Migrant Workers in the UAE

An overview of the state of rights for migrant workers living in the United Arab Emirates and the implications of the current situation.

The ‘bidoun’ situation in the UAE

An overview of the ‘bidoun’ issue with a case study of Ahmed Abdulkhaleq.

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