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Emirates Centre for Human Rights

A survey of inmates at Dubai Central Prison has revealed that 75% of inmates claim to have been tortured by authorities:

Press release: Osama Al-Najjar sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and AED 500,000 fine due to a tweet

***ARABIC TEXT BELOW ***البيان باللغة العربية متوفر في الأسفل The Emirati State Security Chamber of the Federal Supreme Court has sentenced human rights activist Osama Al-Najjar to three years in prison and a fine of AED 500,000 (approximately £87,000). He was arrested on the back of a tweet he posted on his Twitter account in …

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Press release:Demand for the release of prisoner of conscious Dr Mohammed Al-Roken

***ARABIC TEXT BELOW ***البيان باللغة العربية متوفر في الأسفل Dr Mohammed Al-Roken is considered a prisoner of conscience who has been imprisoned merely for calling for political reform and defending the rights of others in the context of his work as a lawyer and human rights activist.  Emirati human rights lawyer Dr Mohammed Al-Roken is …

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