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Dr Amer Al-Shava has been forcibly disappeared for 76 days and his location remains unknown

*** ARABIC TEXT BELOW *** Emirati security authorities stopped Dr Amer Al-Shava, a Turkish academic and businessman of Palestinian origin, when he arrived at Dubai airport on October 2, 2014. He had travelled to Dubai several times, this time to attend his nephew’s wedding. His family had arrived the day before him and were expecting him …

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Press release: Bader Al-Bahri and Abdulla Al-Helo detained since April; still no charges

***ARABIC TEXT BELOW ***البيان باللغة العربية متوفر في الأسفل  Two human rights activists, Bader Hussain Al- Bahri and Abdulla Al-Helo were both arrested by state security officers on April 22, 2014 in Dubai. Until this moment, neither has been charged with any crimes. According to sources close to Bader Al-Bahri, he was called by the …

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UAE Deputy Prosecutor: “Prisoners have no rights” and Dr Ahmed Ghaith Al-Suwaidi put to solitary confinement

***ARABIC TEXT BELOW ***البيان باللغة العربية متوفر في الأسفل  Emirati economist and human rights defender Dr Ahmed Ghaith Al-Suwaidi has been placed once again in solitary confinement since November 29th in Al-Razeen Prison in Abu Dhabi.  Al-Suwaidi was placed in solitary confinement after the deputy prosecutor Khaled Al-Hosani visited cell block 5 in Al-Razeen Prison …

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Amid the continued violations, the physical and mental health of UAE 94 detainees deteriorates

***ARABIC TEXT BELOW ***البيان باللغة العربية متوفر في الأسفل  The UAE 94 detainees, activists who have been accused of many false charges such as attempting to overthrow the Emirati government during farcical trails are suffering from deteriorating physical and mental health conditions. Such deteriorations are a result of the systematic torture and abuse they are …

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Press release: Osama Al-Najjar sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and AED 500,000 fine due to a tweet

***ARABIC TEXT BELOW ***البيان باللغة العربية متوفر في الأسفل The Emirati State Security Chamber of the Federal Supreme Court has sentenced human rights activist Osama Al-Najjar to three years in prison and a fine of AED 500,000 (approximately £87,000). He was arrested on the back of a tweet he posted on his Twitter account in …

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Press release:Demand for the release of prisoner of conscious Dr Mohammed Al-Roken

***ARABIC TEXT BELOW ***البيان باللغة العربية متوفر في الأسفل Dr Mohammed Al-Roken is considered a prisoner of conscience who has been imprisoned merely for calling for political reform and defending the rights of others in the context of his work as a lawyer and human rights activist.  Emirati human rights lawyer Dr Mohammed Al-Roken is …

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Press release: Osama Al-Najjar’s unjust trial continues

***ARABIC TEXT BELOW ***البيان باللغة العربية متوفر في الأسفل The unjust trial of Emirati human rights defender Osama Hussain Al-Najjar, a 25-year-old engineer from Ajman, continues. He is due to appear before the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi for third hearing date on November 25, 2014 on charges including “belonging to the Al-Islah organisation, …

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Press Release: Obaid Yousif Al-Zaabi remains detained despite acquittal

***ARABIC TEXT BELOW ***البيان باللغة العربية متوفر في الأسفل Emirati human rights activist Obaid Yousif Al-Zaabi remains detained in the prisoners’ ward of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Hospital in Abu Dhabi as he suffers from advanced arthritis and rheumatism and has difficulty walking, despite the fact that he has been acquitted of all charges made …

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Emirati arrested for Twitter comments tortured at secret state security prison in the UAE

An Emirati in jail for using Twitter to criticise the ruler of Sharjah says he has been tortured by state security officers at a secret prison in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Osama Hussain Al-Najjar, a 25-year-old engineer from Ajman, was arrested on March 17th and held at a secret prison for four days by …

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1 April 2014   Ibrahim Hassan is a severely disabled teenager. He was born in the Netherlands and is a Dutch citizen. He has been lawfully residing in Birmingham for 12 years since he arrived in the UK with his family at the age of five and attended Harborne Hill school and Holte school. Ibrahim …

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