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Articles written by, or featuring, the Emirates Centre for Human Rights:

UAE Activist Waleed al-Shehhi ‘jailed for trial tweets’ (BBC)

UAE: Activist sentenced to two years in prison for tweeting (Index on Censorship)

Indian man facing death penalty in the UAE says he was tortured into confessing (Huffington Post)

UAE preempts Muslim Brotherhood with trials (The Media Line)

UK Protestors call for releasing Indian convict in UAE (The Week)

UAE: Islamists on trial over Muslim Brotherhood claims (BBC)

UAE ‘failing to tackle prison torture’ (Al-Jazeera)

Allegations of torture in the UAE require action (Huffington Post)

UAE Attempts to Censor News Website in the US (Wall Street Journal)

UAE Targets Arab-American Newspaper (Index on Censorship)

Bizarre Trials in the UAE (Open Democracy)

6 Alleged Coup Plotters in UAE on Hunger Strike (ABC News – Associated Press)

Qatari Doctor Held in UAE (Arabian Business)

Country ruled by family of Manchester City owner accused over human rights (Guardian)

Dubai’s Progressive Charade (Daily Beast)

UAE Detention of Qatari Doctor Enters Sixth Month (Doha News)

Should the UK Government be so friendly with the UAE? (Vice)

UAE Arrests Three Islamists as ‘Crackdown’ Continues (BBC)

Demonising the Opposition, Why the UAE Needs Foreign Foes (

Boris Johnson Cable Car Contract Bans UAE Criticism (Huffington Post)

UAE Must Reform Rapes Laws (Huffington Post)

Expat Appeals UAE Sentence After Rape Charge (Al Jazeera English)

Norwegian Rape Case Woman Allowed to Leave Dubai (Daily Telegraph)

Dubai Sentences Woman Who Reported Rape (BBC)

Dubai ‘pardons’ rape-case woman (Guardian)

The Shocking Case of Marte Dalelv Shows Why We Should Be Boycotting Dubai (New Statesman)

Norwegian Charged After Rape, Receives Pardon (Wall Street Journal)

Norwegian Alleges Rape, Fights Dubai Jail Sentence (Associated Press)

Dubai rape victim faces jail sentence (Channel 4 News)

Norwegian who reported rape in Dubai ‘pardoned’ (LA Times)

Norwegian Woman, Sentenced After Reporting Rape (New York Times)

Woman Raped on Business Trip in Dubai Jailed (Perth Now)

Dubai: Woman Charged for Rape Complaint (International Business Times)

What do women really want? Basic human rights, fools! (Cosmopolitan)

Dubai: Pardon for Woman Jailed after Reporting Rape (Scotsman)

Dubai Pardons Woman in Rape Dispute (Arab News)

Bahraini Citizen Disappears in UAE Prison System (BBC)

UAE’s tactics foster Political Opposition (Your Middle East)

No-Go Areas and Arms Deals (Open Democracy)

The UAE’s Human Rights Record Must Be Questioned on State Visit (Guardian)

Dubai Torture Claims: Relatives hope for pardon (Guardian)

UAE & Britain: Credibility Gulf (Guardian Editorial)

United Arab Emirates & the United Kingdom: Best of Friends (Guardian – Editorial)

Gulf Cracks Down Hard on Online Dissent (Associated Press)

Rhetoric or Critical Action? The Role of Human Rights in EU-UAE Relations (Jadaliyya)

Behind UAE Detentions, Fears of a Transnational Brotherhood Plot (Al Akhbar)

UAE Authorities ‘detain 18-year-old blogger’ (BBC)

Rights Group says UAE detain Teen blogger (Associated Press)

Social media brings change in Gulf despite efforts at control (BBC)

Detention of UAE Lawyers creates Climate of Fear (Global Legal Post)

UAE Blogger Arrested for Online Comments (UPI)

The UAE’s descent into oppression (Guardian)

Torture in the United Arab Emirates (Huffington Post)

Two Jailed Rights Lawyers go on hunger strike in the UAE (Associated Press)

RAK rule slams group trying to ‘destroy’ UAEĀ (Arabian Business)

UAE urged to release opposition activists (BBC)

The United Arab Emirates: Send him away! (Economist)

In the UAE, the future for those who continue to speak out looks bleak (Guardian)

Rights Group: UAE deports online activist (Associated Press)

UAE deports rights activist in crackdown on dissent (Independent)

How to obtain a free permanent holiday to Thailand (Huffington Post)

Act now to stop human rights abuse in the UAE (Huffington Post)

Arbitrary detentions continue to spread in the UAE (Huffington Post)

Human Rights in the UAE (Open Democracy)


Rape Victim Convicted in UAE (BBC Radio 4)

Dubai Drops Charges Against Rape Claimant (Channel 4 News)

Dubai Pardons Brits Jailed Over Drug Offences (Sky News)

Woman Jailed Over Dubai Rape Claim Pardoned (Sky News)

BBC Arabic interview with Campaign Manager Rori Donaghy (08/01/2013)